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20 years experience 

Dealing with pests can be a time consuming – and upsetting – task, particularly if you can’t get a professional pest controller out to you quickly.
As an all encompassing pest control company,  from rodents, to birds and foxes. We pride ourselves on our outstanding level of customer service, reflected in our guaranteed pest control methods.
What better way to serve our customers than to be available as much as possible? Our team are on call most of the day; our phones operated early in the morning until the late evening, and during the night.
We are open at weekends and most bank holidays (excluding Christmas day).

One of the great things about are emergency pest control team is that we can often dispatch a technician to you within minutes.
A technician will often be within 10 miles of your property, allowing us to provide a rapid response.

 Wild Animals

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humane dispatch

we provide humane dispatch for most animals
that maybe ill  wounded or dangerous
including mink foxs dangerous dogs  lambs sheep deer horses pigs goats cows.

  1.  specialist in humane dispatch
    specialist in humane dispatch
    with over 20 years experiance
  2. Dangerous animals
    Dangerous animals
  3. farm animals
    farm animals