1. service contracts
    Clients on cover with us will benefit from our emergency service which is usually built into the contract. If in the unlikely event that a pest control emergency occurs, we are a phone call away and will usually visit same or next day to diffuse the problem. Or you can email us in an (emergency emails always answered even out of hours.
  2. fox control
    Specialist fox control team that deal just in the eradication of foxes... by employing deterrents, humane traps or proofing We will stop them gaining access to your property. Speak to an experienced control specialist to help solve your fox problems fast.
  3. rodents
    We provide a full range of specialist proofing for rodent and bird pests. Alongside the health risks and damage rats can cause to your home, they breed at an exceptionally high rate. If you spot one, it’s unlikely they’re alone, so rat removal services should be sought after quickly.
  4. squirrel control
    Squirrels are a pest, they are non-native and were originally brought over to the country in 1876 they were introduced by the Victorians. They were completely unaware of the destruction they can cause and their negative effect on the native red squirrel. As a pest it is illegal for pest controllers to catch and release grey squirrels, they have to be dispatched. We use the most humane methods to remove all pest problems including squirrel infestations.
  5. rodents
    Professional rat control is the quickest way to eradicate rodents, as they’re instinctive and often sense when DIY measures, like traps and bait, are implemented. we offer rat removal services and Our expert treatment prevents damage to your home and stops harmful diseases spreading.
  6. specialist bird control services
    Bird Netting Pin and wire systems Bird spikes Bird of Prey Pest Control Shooting and Trapping Guano Cleaning.
  7. seagull control
    Specialist gull netting Seagull spike installation Hawking and routine pest control using bird of prey Abseiling and rope access Bird trapping Seagull nest removal and guano cleaning Bespoke gull control
  8. humane dispatch
    we offer this service for most animals. Humane dispatch is the deliberate culling of an injured or wounded animal to avoid unnecessary suffering and to prevent the animal from causing injury to others whilst it is in distress.